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legitimate site. very cheap. reliable,and trustworthy.
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best pokerist chips seller ever!
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I was hoping you will be able to give me some free chips please. Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
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Many Sites With Lower Price Scam Customers.

We Are Honest And Reputable!

Important Notice

After you pay for your order, pls contact our livechat support, the operator will arrange a trade with you. Normally we have 2 trade ways :

1. We trade face to face (add you as friend,invite you and transfer to you)

2. We will transfer to you by logging in your account.

You can choose one of the Way :) We promise the delivery is 5-10 mins. after invited.

We are professional and we make sure it is 100% safe

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First,This is not a gambling website. You must acknowledge that the pokerist chips we provide are just "playing points" on the Texas Hold'Em pokerist application on Facebook, android,Ipad and iPhone. Why your price is so cheaper? Because We are the game sales third party -not the game official.We want to to obtain much more attention , we earn all the Pokerist Chips from the game ourselves and buy from some other players at an not high price,So you can just buy and pay here safely ! Useful information: ①After Bought Pokerist Chips From Our Website , Don't Transfer Your Pokerist Chips To Your Friends 1-To-1 ! ②If Your Friend Really Need Pokerist Chips , You Can Suggest Them To Come Buy Po... MORE
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